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Hess & Co. laboratories founded since 2012 infusing wisdom and modern science

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Hess & Co deeply believes that beauty does not deteriorate over time, it evolves instead. At every milestone in life, a new irreplaceable radiance is awoken.

Hess & Co defies time and reveals healthy and radiant beauty that redefines time and space.

Our team of scientists that includes biochemists, chemical engineers, biomedical engineers, and more, used five years of repeated research, testing and observation and finally developed the Miracle White series in 2017.

We modified the combination of ingredients and conducted clinical trials on 120 women of different races over the five years to achieve the desired result.

The ultimate

Hess & Co continues to innovate by infusing wisdom with modern science to achieve the perfect whitening and anti-aging results. Our laboratories are conducting research on transcending the ancient medical method and cutting edge skin science verifying efficacy of 4,000 complex ingredients, with in-depth research on women’s skins of all ages.

As a result, Hess & Co laboratories witnessed the rise of a revolutionary skin care philosophy, led by Switzerland’s cutting edge thinking.